School of Sufi Teaching

Aims and Objectives of the School

The aim of the School of Sufi Teaching is to investigate those areas of human nature and the hidden sources of human knowledge that have not yet been explored by science and reason. This investigation has to follow a modern and refined scientific approach and experiential method. In this way, finding the solutions to various human problems and the remedy for different human ills will be undertaken. The School strives to understand the essential nature of humans, the universe, and humanity’s relation to it in a way relevant to the contemporary world.

This understanding will help us to find solutions to the problems of the individual and collective life of humanity. While material energy and discoveries can and should be utilized in the service of humanity, the main objective of the School is to discover the capabilities and potentialities of the inner human being, and their utilization for the benefit of humankind.

The hidden power of the human self, which we are seeking to tap and utilize, is the power of love. It is this power that frees human beings from the bonds of narrow materialism and selfishness, and persuades them to observe tolerance, sympathetic regard, benevolence, and self-sacrifice towards others. It motivates, inspires, challenges, and satisfies. The understanding of the nature of the self and its hidden powers will be conducive to adjusting our attitudes and behavior to others and to the universe as a whole. It will reveal to us the powerful inter-relatedness of the human existence and the universe, and will bring forth a creed of universal brotherhood and unbounded love.

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