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School of Sufi Teaching

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Sufi School is a non-profit charity involved in creating awareness about Sufism and providing authentic Sufi teachings to sincere seekers.

All the teachings are given free of cost and students are not charged for attending our weekly gatherings for teaching, mentoring, discussions and group practices.

Our activities are carried out through voluntary donations. We request you to donate generously to support our work. Any amount of donation to help us to continue this good work will be appreciated and thankfully accepted.

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Introduction To The Practices

The goal of Sufism is the development of certain noble qualities such as the purification of the self, purification of the heart, moral etiquette, the state of doing what is beautiful (ihsan), nearness to God, gnosis (ma’rifat), annihilation (fana) and subsistence (baqa).

In short, the true purpose of Sufism is to transform the seeker into a highly humane and moral person by building the seeker’s character through spiritual training.

Today’s fast-paced, materially-oriented world challenges us to balance the demands of day-to-day life with the fulfillment of our inner yearnings. Many choices are available in the pursuit of knowledge.

Among these choices, the Sufi teachings, transmitted through a chain of authorized teachers, offer a way to lead life in this world within the context of a comprehensive spiritual philosophy. The Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi line of masters in particular has considered the need for practical techniques that can be integrated with work, family, and social responsibilities.

Their teachings may benefit seekers of different aptitudes and natures today, as they have uplifted seekers for generations. It is only by the blessings of respected shaykhs of centuries past that the Sufi teachings have endured.

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Subtle Centres of Consiousness (Lata’if)

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