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What we offer (meditation)

As atoms possess boundless potentialities and powers within, similarly the human body being the most evolved form of matter is bound to be a repository of greater powers and wonders. With this firm belief the goal of silent Sufi practices is to explore the wonderful treasure of human being’s hidden powers.

The technique follows a new-age and progressive scientific approach through personal experience to find a cure for several human ills and issues. Our endeavor is to understand the fundamental nature of humans, the universe, and humanity’s relation to it in a way that is applicable to the modern world.

This knowledge and insight will help us to deal with the problems of the individual and collective society and find solutions to them. Our main focus is to tap the hidden powers of the inner human being and employing these resources for the benefit of mankind just as the material energy and discoveries can and should be utilized in the service of humanity.

“The hidden power of the human self that we are pursuing is the power of love – a force that encourages, inspires, challenges and satisfies. This power of love liberates human beings from the captivity of narrow sense of materialism and egoism, and urges them to show tolerance, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and selflessness towards others.

Understanding the character of the self and its hidden powers will help us correct our attitudes and behaviors while dealing with others and with the universe. Not only that, it also shows us the inter-connectedness of the human existence and the universe and will give rise to a doctrine of universal brotherhood and unbounded love”

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