School of Sufi Teaching


We hold regular meetings (free of charge) at 6:30pm on Sundays in Kuala Lumpur. If you would like to attend our weekly meditation sessions, please contact us by email or phone.

You could also join our Meetup group and find out more about our introductory silent meditation sessions.


Kuala Lumpur Sufi Meditation Meetup Group

Sufi Meditation Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, MY
940 Members

The School of Sufi Teaching, Malaysia, offers free instructions in the teachings of five main Sufi Orders – the Naqshbandi, Mujaddidi, Chishti, Qadiri and Shadhili – with spec…

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For more information about the School of Sufi Teaching, Sufism, Practices, The Orders, Publications, and Testimonials of some students please visit our central website.

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