Terms of Use

Your privacy is always important to us and we have taken the managing of data seriously. To reflect the introduction of the new European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy.

This page tells you about the data the Sufi School of Teaching collects from you and how we use it, information about your rights and choices with respect to that data, and how to contact us about your privacy or deletion of your data.

Information that we hold about you

To provide the service and information you have asked for, we need to hold and process personal data.

Some of the personal information
we may hold on you
How we use this information
Your nameTo fulfill our promise to inform you.
Your telephone numberTo enable us to contact you, if necessary, about any of your interactions with the School of Sufi Teaching.
Your email addressTo provide you with information about the Sufi School of Teaching, events and occasional news about our services.
The date of your first contact with usThis enables us to track your progress should you choose to become a student of the School of Sufi Teaching.

To ensure we are compliant with GDPR:

  • We use your data only to provide you with the advertised service.
  • We do not retain credit card information.
  • We delete old and obsolete records from our system.
  • We provide a system for you to opt-out of receiving emails and hard copy mailings from us, if you wish (see below). We assume that you have opted-in by your previous dealings with us, unless you opt-out in the ways described.
  • Under no circumstances do we share our mailing list, or your data, with any other organization or individual.

You may unsubscribe from all future emails by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom any email you receive from us.